Thursday, August 24, 2017

Real Life Superheroes

We have been so lucky in Rata to have been visited by real life superheroes.

On Friday we were visited by four firefighters including Chloe from Rata Tahi's grandfather, George.

Firefighters are superheroes because they help people when there is an emergency. Not only do firefighters keep us safe when there is a fire, they also are come to help in other emergencies like earthquakes.

If there is a fire we call 111. We tell them our address so it is a good idea to practise saying where we live. We should have a family escape plan including a safe meeting place.

Firefighters wear:
  • Steel toe boots to protect their feet.
  • Thick coats and trousers with yellow lines on to help be seen.
  • A breathing apparatus.
  • A fireproof balaclava.
  • A helmet.
  • And fireproof gloves

Huge thanks to the wonderful firefighters for your time!

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